Thursday, September 18, 2008

1411. An oxbow pin, patent number 47,149:

It keeps the bow attached to the yoke:

1412. A horse-powered treadmill, used to run a grain threshing machine, or other farm equipment:

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1413. The disc is part of a knife sharpener, the second disc of which is missing. This was called a "Ten in One Tool", it could also be used as a hammer, nail puller, screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew, ruler, weigh scale, can opener, and door lock.

It's Canadian patent number is 259,696, the hook seen in the drawing below is part of the scale. According to the patent:
The member 46 is also provided at its outer end with a pair of prongs 55 adapted, when used in combination with the casing 33, to engage with the frame or jamb of a door, when the rule plate 46 is inserted between the door and the jamb, thus providing a means for securing a bedroom door from the inside in such a manner that it cannot be opened except by the individual operating my improved tool.

Made by Tool & Engineering Co. Ltd. of Kingston, Canada.

1414. A corn sheller, the ear of corn was placed in the opening and the lever was pushed down to remove all of the kernels.

The owner of this tool also had a nice display of axes:

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1415. A Guy Fixture, it would be bolted to the pole through the hole in the thickest part, with a reinforced, curved washer (p-144) on the back. Patent number RE18,613:

1416. A gang drill made by the Grand Rapids Sash Pulley Company, used to make a mortise for the pulley in an old window frame:

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